Course of Study

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Course of Study

Syllabus For All Levels


  • Wu's Tai Chi Chuan - full set of 108 Forms

  • Tai Chi Chuan Basic Principles

  • 5 Warm-up Exercises

  • Basic Tai Chi Walking (forward & backward)

  • Basic Push Hands (Joint Hands)


  • Basic Push Hands

  • 9-Palace, Circular 9-Palace

  • Break-fall training

  • Power Generation (Fa jing):Loose Fist, Elbow, An

  • Application:

    • Grasp Bird's Tail

    • Needle at Sea Bottom

    • White Crane Spread Wing

    • Cloud Hand

    • Single Lotus

    • Double Lotus

  • Form Refinement


  • Free-style Push Hands

  • Roll-Elbow Push Hands

  • Circular Push Hands

  • Ta-Lu Push Hands

  • Eight Elements of Power Generation

  • Four Methods of Application

  • Advanced applications

  • Form Refinement

Weapons Class

  • Tai Chi Broad Sword

  • Tai Chi Sword

  • Tai Chi Spear

Instructor Training Class

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