Vol 4. 108 Fast Round Form with 21 & 15 Simplified forms


Introduced to the general public for the first time on DVD, this disc features Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu performing another traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan 108 Fast Round Form from the Wu Family. The video covers step-by-step instructions and a complete demonstration of the form. Originally on 3 separate video tapes, this DVD also features Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu introducing and performing a new short Wu Style 21 and 15 Forms from the Wu Family specifically designed to improve balance, circulation, relaxation and flexibility. These forms were designed with seniors and children in mind, but are perfect for time-challenged individuals of any age. The DVD also covers the step-by-step form and demonstrations of basic walking and warm-up exercises. Preview this video:

Length: 1hr 16min Multi-language DVD: English, Cantonese

Price: $54.95