Kevin Steel 史嘉勳

Kevin Steel 史嘉勳

I commenced martial arts training at the age of 13 training in the southern Chinese style of Wing Chun with Sifu Alan Lamb and Sifu Alick Au Shui Yuen in the northeast of England.

In 1978 as a student aged 19 I traveled to Hong Kong to commence training in the Southern Chinese Style of Choy Lee Fut with Sifu Chan Yuk Yu a senior disciple of the renowned Choy Lee Fut Grandmaster Ho Ngau.

As well as the fist forms and weapons of Choy Lee Fut I studied Lion Dancing and the “Ching Jong” (Wooden Dummy). I also performed Lion Dancing and took part in demonstrations of Choy Lee Fut on numerous occasions at Chinese New year festivities in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. In 1985 I moved to Hong Kong.

In 1988 fulfilling a long held desire to learn internal martial arts I commenced training in Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan with Fourth Generation Master Wu Tai Sin at the Hong Kong Headquarters. I was accepted as the 45th disciple of Master Wu Ta Sin in 1992. I am privileged to have studied with Master Wu Tai Sin ever since.

I was invited to sit on the Committee of the Hong Kong Headquarters. I was also invited by Sifu Wu Kwong Yu to be a member of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan 54 Round Form committee.

I have demonstrated the Saber at founder’s day Celebrations in Hong Kong and have taught the saber form at Master Wu Ta Sin’s request at the Hong Kong Headquarters.

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Kevin Steel
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Tai Po
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Wu`s Tai Chi Academy, Hong Kong
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