Roy Constantine

Roy teaches beginners' early class (6:30pm) Monday evenings.

Roy started Tai Chi Chuan in 1997 learning the Yang style and in 1998 joined the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy in London which was the first Wu Style Academy in UK. He has been practicing the Wu Style ever since and in 2000 became an Instructor teaching beginners.

Roy has taken part in competitions and public demonstrations on behalf of the academy to promote Wu's Style Tai Chi Chuan and in 2002 was made a disciple of the Wu Family. He was one of the founder members of the Archway Academy where he has his own class teaching beginners the Standard 108 Hand Form.

Roy is a Certified Instructor of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Although he has been practicing Tai Chi for a number of years he finds that Tai Chi still challenges him. He finds he is still learning new aspects and levels of the art; or re-learning previous techniques and correcting the way it should be done.

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Roy Constantine
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