Saw Phaik Hwa

Saw Phaik Hwa

After about 20 years of training hard martial art forms like Tae Kwon Do (2nd dan) and Wushu, I was looking for a martial form that will be effective and beneficial with advancing age. In 1992, I was fortunate to be introduced to Sifu Ow Tuck Seng (disciple of Wu Kung Yi) who taught me Wu style Tai Chi with special emphasis on effective and combative application of the art utilising the "small circle" and "joint movements".

When I lived in Hong Kong in 1997, I was taught by Grand Master Wu Yan Hsia (daughter of Wu Kung Yi) who was the head of Wu Tai Chi at that time. Grand Master Wu Yan Hsia further refined my form and taught me the use of the sword and twin swords. I was accepted as her disciple in 2000.

I was able to further my training under Grand Master Wu Ta Hsin (son of Wu Kung Cho) who was then head of Wu Tai Chi. Grand Master Wu Ta Hsin instructed me on the use of sabre and other finer techniques of the art.

In am now servicing the Singapore Association as President and Instructor. I conduct beginners, intermediate, advance, disciple and weapons classes as well as instructors’ workshops.

The disciples and instructors of Singapore continue to learn and refine the art through the frequent visits and instructions of the current gatekeeper, Grand Master Eddie Wu.

In May 2012, I underwent Duan Wei Testing by Chinese Wushu Association, Beijing and attained the 6th Duan.

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Saw Phaik Hwa
Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Physical Culture Association
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