Vassiliki Papadatou

I graduated from the School of Architecture, of the National Technical University of Athens in 1995 and I am a Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan instructor, certified by the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and the Wu Family, since February 2012.

I consider my apprenticeship in Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, which began in 2007 at the age of 37 years in the Hellenic Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, a conscious choice for my postgraduate studies, which until then I postponed. I chose to study in this ingenious art with the seriousness and consistency required in the postgraduate studies, because not only it teaches but also it demonstrates that the efficient use of power is the product of precisely applying principles based on physics and, therefore, something accessible to everybody. At the same time, during my apprenticeship, I observed that I become more and more creative, efficient and resistant to the demands of everyday life.

I decided to become an instructor because I consider my duty to offer this valuable knowledge to other people.

Many thanks to my teacher, Chief Instructor of the Hellenic Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Dionysis Tsetselis and to the instructors Vasileios Tsiantis, Gregory Antikian and Paris Verras, for the generosity with which they offer me their Knowledge and their support.

I feel great admiration and gratitude for the source of this ingenious and outstanding martial art, for the Wu Family. Especially I would like to express my gratitude to Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, for the confidence he shown in me by including me in the group of instructors of our system.

I would like also to thank a lot, the President of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, Jonathan Krehm for his valuable help.

The profound knowledge offered by Wu Tai Chi Chuan and the quality of life one achieves by practicing this outstanding martial art, motivates me to continue my effort.


Name: Vassiliki Papadatou
City: Athens
Province/State: Marousi
Country: Greece
Status:  Non disciple Certified Instructor
Certification: February 2012
Certification level or Subject: Intermediate Level
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Athens
Website URL: