Grand-Master-Wu-Chien-Chuan_1 Grand-Master-Wu-Chien-Chuan-with-his-student-1 Grand-Master-Wu-Chien-Chuan-with-his-student-4 _Wu Chien Chuan with his student 5 Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan_7 Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student 6

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student

Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan with his student

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Andy Jones

I took part in a variety of mainstream martial arts from Karate when i was 10 to Southern
Praying Mantis Kung Fu just after moving to London in 1999. None however satisfied me,
because in most cases either clear instruction and correct focus was lacking in the teaching
and/or agression was overlooked or allowed.

Wu Chian Chuan style Tai Chi Chuan was therefore a breath of fresh air. The power of its
simple directness internally and in its health and martial aspects were clear to me
immediately - i recognised that this was what I had been looking for.

I have since dedicated what time I could to furthering my learning and where possible to
helping others to further theirs. I am very grateful that insightful teachers such as Sifu Gary
and Si Kung Eddie Wu give their time and effort to enable us all to improve.

Name: Andy Jones
City: London
Country: England
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Sifu Gary Wragg
Disciple year: 2004
Certification: December 2004
Certification level or Subject: Advanced Level
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Bethnal Green, London