Chow Chiu-Woo

Instructor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Starting from 1996, I learned Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan from Master Chan Cheong-lap. I was
much honoured to become his 19th disciple, and have learnt much from his teaching.

I am interested in the martial art and philiosophy aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. How to play Tai Chi Chuan as games in school has been my focus in recent research topic. Some articles were published in Chinese language as follow:

CHOW, Chiu-woo (1996). “The Justification of an Inclusion of Tai-chi Chuan in the School Physical Education Programmes in Hong Kong “. Journal of Physical Education and Recreation Vol.2 (1).p.p.36-40

CHOW Cheong-lap, CHOW, Chiu-woo (2000).” Interpretation and Demonstration from Martial Arts to Metaphor of Living Philosophy in Tai Chi Chuan: A Study of Value Education Model of the Body and Mind.” International Conference on Values Education and Citizenship Education in the New Century. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

CHOW, Chiu-woo. (2003) . “Health and Tai Chi Chuan.” . Journal of Information on Health. Hong Kong. pp.27-29

You are welcome to browse the following web-page and share your ideas:


Name: Chow Chiu-Woo
Chinese Name: 周昭和
City: Monkok
Province/State: Kowloon
Country: Hong Kong
Contact: Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Tony Chan Cheong Lap
Disciple year: 1995
Certification: October 2005
Certification level or Subject: Intermediate Level
School: Tony Chan Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Learning Center (Tsuen Wan)

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