Tai Chi Wu Style Gold Book APP for IPad

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this English Gold Book APP is for IPad only- not for the phones.

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The Gold Book (English Edition) APP for iPad is available in iTunes store, please follow the link:  

Hard Copy of the English Gold Book is also available in the Shopping Cart under Books.

This book is of great importance to all tai chi chuan enthusiasts, whatever school or style they follow. The two main texts, that are presented here are at the core of the traditions that emanated from the Imperial Guard after the fall of the Ching Dynasty in 1911. The older of the two texts, "The Explanation of Tai Chi Methodology" was published in full in Chinese for the first time only in the 1980 edition of this book. It was transcribed by my Great Great Grandfather founding Grand Master Chuan Yau, after he became a disciple of Yang Ban Hou at Prince Sweh Fang's palace. It has been in the Wu family for over 125 years. The second text was written by Master Wu Kung Cho in 1935 and amend in 1980. - Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu

For a limited time only, this ebook is on sale for $14.99! This ebook contains never been seen video footages but if you would also like to have the physical edition, you can purchase the book thru http://www.wustyle.com

本書盡錄清末大內侍衛之太極拳術精要,為所有太極拳愛好者的重要參考典籍,其中于1980年首版之 ”太極拳論”,乃吳家太極開山祖師,先祖全佑公,受業于楊班候時所著,盡錄其對太極拳之心得和要領,珍藏于吳家,秘不外傳凡125年矣。本書收錄之另一文獻則為吳公藻宗師于1935著述並於1980年修正。


限時特價 14.99美元。這本電子書還包含從未見過的寶貴錄影,但如果你也想購買印刷版,您可以通過 http://www.wustyle.com購買。

Tai Chi Wu Style APP for IPad

The Gold Book (English Edition) APP for IPad is available in iTunes store, please follow the link:

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (Gold Book) English Edition App for IPad


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