Peter James Carey

Peter James Carey

I began studying Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan in 1996 at the age of 19 at the London Academy under the instruction of Sifu Gary Wragg. I have also travelled to Toronto to study under Sifu Wu Kwong Yu.

I have competed in many national competitions and have Won Gold, Silver and bronze Medals in Form and Push Hands. I have learnt the Standard 108 Form, 54 competition round form, Sabre Form, Sparring, Push Hands and Chi Gong.

I currently live in North London with my wife Ting make a living by performing and teaching Music.

I am extremely grateful to the Wu Family for all that Tai Chi has given me in my life and am dedicated to improving my own Tai Chi and promoting The Wu’s Style of Tai Chi Chuan.

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Peter James Carey
Wu's Tai Chi Chuan, London Furnival House Archway Campus
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