Tony Leggett

Tony Leggett

Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the north of England 15.01.65 finished my schooling at the age of sixteen to do an apprenticeship as a bricklayer. This I did and stayed in the profession until the age of twenty three when I returned to education, this time to study music at the Royal College of Music in London. I stayed in London working as a freelance musician for twelve years.

In the year 2000 I moved to Switzerland, and continue to this day my work as a freelance musician working in many of the major classical orchestras in switzerland however I find myself moving more and more into the field of jazz (big band, trad jazz. bee bop).

My interest in martial arts started at an early age but it wasn't until the age of sixteen that I decided to join a local karate club. This turned out to be a modern system which encompassed many other styles and techniques. After the club went bankrupt I turned to Aikido which, although very interesting, was not really for me. When I moved to Switzerland when I was twenty one I stopped all training in clubs, but continued only on a personal level, carrying on with many of the exercises I had learnt along the way. It was when I returned to England to study music that I made my mind up to restart seriously. So started looking for something with a bit more credibility and a little more pure.

In 1995 I found Gary Wragg. He was willing to teach on a one to one basis which meant I would get a very in depth knowledge of what I was learning. I learnt the hand form one to one and also sabre form, meanwhile working in the club with the other members on all the other techniques impossible to work on alone. I became his disciple in 2000 prior to moving to Switzerland.

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The Village of Fully's nearest town is Martigny 4 miles away.

Private classes are offered both in French or in English. Please email or call for more information.

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Tony Leggett
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