Wong Wing Hang


I joined the academy at the end of 2009. At first I was only looking for a low impact sport like yoga so that I could flex some muscle and burn some calories form time to time. However, such belief did not last long, after a few  lessons I found out that Tai Chi is much more than I have expected, and deserved much more fom me.


By 2013, I was honoured to become Sifu's disciple. Since then, Tai Chi is opened to me door after door, path after path, which I believe will become a life-long quest. 



Name: Wing Hang Wong 黃永亨
City: Hong Kong
Province/State: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Website URL: www.wustyle.com.hk
Disciple of: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Disciple Year: 2013
School: Wu's Style Tai Chi Academy, Hong Kong