Washington DC USA Workshop 2015

Three years have passed since Grandmaster Eddie Wu’s first visit to the school Sifu Larry Hawkins established in Washington, D.C.  Like the last time, the two-day workshop was intense and demanding, both physically and mentally. Unlike the previous visit, this time Master Wu was teaching a half dozen students who have practiced Tai Chi Ch’uan for more than four years (as well as others with less experience.) As Master Wu likes to say, the weekend was about taking it “to the next level” in a practice where “the sky is the limit.”

Master Wu’s instruction got the students aligned with Tai Chi goals, such as focusing on mind intent, breathing, and full separation of weight. Yet each student agreed the outcome of sessions was personal. Regardless of his or her level, Master Wu could quickly spot their weakness and show the path to improvement. We came away with a renewed and enhanced understanding of the power of Tai Chi in all senses of the word.

To honor Master Wu, a school luncheon was held at the home of senior student Fred Strasser, who lives five blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

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