Tsoi Nei Biu

1930 Born in China
1932 Immigrated to Hong Kong

I. Tie with Tai Chi Chuan At 19, when I was working as an officer in a timber mill, I visited a number of Chinese medicine practitioners for my lumbar sprain in vain. Fortunately, a close friend of mine introduced the Wang Dong Tsai Bone Setting Medical Centre to me. The result was desirable and I stayed in Sifu Wang’s medical centre to learn Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (for health). One year, by luck and chance, I was able to enter the Chien-Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association to continue studying Tai Chi Chuan as I was introduced by Feng Tien Shi, who was a disciple of the nationally well-known Tai Chi Master Wu Kung Yi of the Association. Nourished by Chief Instructor Sifu Zhong Yueh Ping’s utmost attention and effort in his teaching for over eight years, I had achieved some success. With gratitude I remember these always, and am always thankful for him. Since then, I have been closely tied with Tai Chi Chuan.

II. 50 years in the Chien-Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association I joined the Association in 1951. Years later, I kept learning the art and skills of Tai Chi Chuan while being an assistant instructor. Two or three years later, Master Kung Yi told me that my tuition fee was exempted and asked me to stay in the post of assistant instructor. Counting from 1962, I had been nominated as the managing governor and the vice-governor of academic affairs in the advisory board of governors of the Association. I had been responsible for the administration of classes for beginners, intermediate and senior levels respectively. In the 80’s, I concurrently took up the post of chief governor of academic affairs and stayed until 2001.

In these years, I was lucky enough to be accepted as a disciple of the Wu Family under Master Wu Kung Yi and listed as the forth generation in July of 1963. Thanks to much generous advice from the seniors, brothers and sisters, I progressed in my study. I was also kindly permitted by Master Kung Yi to join the training classes for disciples for many years.

In deep mourning, Master Kung Yi passed away in 1970. I regret so much for not serving him around all the time when he was alive. This pain still lingers around in my dreams!

III. Meaningful and Memorable Events during the Time in the Association i. With great honor in the July of 1987, Master Tai Chi hosted the ceremony of receiving new disciples for Master Tai Sin. He, on behalf of Master Kung Yi, also accepted my holding of a grand occasion for receiving new disciples on the same day. In July of 1997, I even had the chance to receive new disciples for the second time (totally four disciples accepted). This fulfilled my longing hope ------ to contribute all the little I have to promoting and glorifying Wu style Tai Chi Chuan and to remember the Wu family’s grace on me!

ii. In 1967, the Chien-Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association was invited by (Asia) Rediffusion Television for a live broadcast teaching of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. After the advisory board of the Association had agreed, We had Master Kung Yi, Sister Ying Hsia, Brother Kuo Shao Chiong and Governor-general Heh Sheng being the leaders; Chief Instructor Zhong Yueh Ping being the director; and me demonstrating hand forms, performing various push hands and teaching Tai Chi Chuan. The programme was broadcasted live twice a week for seven to eight months. It produced remarkable effect on promotion. After that, enthusiasts asking for learning the martial art have not ceased coming to the Association! Here I record in memorial for the great success on promoting and glorifying Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

Name: Tsoi Nei Biu 蔡乃標
City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Disciple of: Master Wu Kung Yi
Discipleship year: 1950
Disciple Status: Teaching Disciple
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Hong Kong