Sam Purdy


I became interested in Tai Chi as a way to approach meditation.   In July of 1987 I attended
a seminar with Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu and switched to Wu Style Tai Chi.  I was 
one of the original members of the Detroit area school founded by Sifu Stephen Britt later
that year.

A Michigan native, I graduated from Oakland University and the University of Michigan with degrees in psychology and public health administration.  I moved to Ferndale in 1981and worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan for the next 25 years in a variety of analytic, supervisory, and management positions.  I competed in various sports in high
school and college but largely gave up tennis, basketball, and baseball when I started
training Tai Chi in the early 1980’s.


Name: Sam Purdy
City: Ferndale
Province/State: Michigan
Country: USA
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Disciple year: 1994
Discipleship Country: USA
Disciple status: Teaching Disciple
School: Michigan Tai Chi Chuan Institute in Madison Heights
Profession: Health care analytics consultant (semi retired)