Mary Kennedy

When I began my practice, I was looking for relaxation and something that I could
become “invested” in- something that was worth my time. Other exercise programs,
though sometimes challenging physically, never seemed to hold my attention.

Wu style Tai Chi Chu’an, as taught by Sifu Martin Kennedy and Si Kung Wu Kwong Yu,
has proved to be challenging, both physically and mentally. And yet, at the same time
it is relaxing and rewarding. In order to improve and progress, one must practice as
much as possible, but it must be focused practice. There is no room for anything else
while practicing and this focus enables/causes you to “let go” of all of your other cares
and worries and when you end your practice session, you are more centered and
focused and better able to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

From a physical point of view, there are so many benefits… For me, the most obvious and
beneficial is the improvement I have experienced in the condition of my lower back. I am
tall. I have a congenital birth defect in my lower back. I have, as many people do,
degenerative disc disease. My back had been in spasm most of the time since 1984. Before
I started to practice tai chi, I had to seriously think about how I was going to tie my own
shoes! I was 29 years old. It is not that tai chi chu’an cured my back. I still have the birth
defect and the joints are not what they were when I was 12, but the body awareness 
that I have developed thru my practice has helped me to recognize and change the
detrimental, habitual patterns of movement and posture which were contributing to my
back “problems/pain” in the 1st place. The whole practice is about paying attention to your
own body and thru proper body alignment and extension, to get the body/joints to open up,
allowing for both greater range of motion as well as ease of movement.

As rewarding as all of this is (ie not being in almost constant pain), I am finding it even
more rewarding to be able to share what has been given to me with others who are seeking
to improve their quality of life. I can’t do the work for you, but I love to teach. I have had
to “struggle” with many things to get to this point, and I can use the information gained
in my journey to help others with theirs. And the journey has only begun. When I first
began, my body awareness was almost nil, and this after years of playing different
sports, basketball, volleyball, running, swimming, etc.

As each layer of tension is discarded, I am able to move so much more freely than before
I started this process of “letting go”. Between the lower back pain and the headaches
(caused by tension in my jaw, neck, shoulders, etc), I am amazed that I could
move/function at all.  It is not an easy road, but it is well worth the effort! I don’t want
to discourage anyone from trying it. It is simple, but it is not easy. We usually appreciate
most what we have had to work the hardest to achieve. As one of our senior age beginners
said just recently,  “It’s tough, but I love it!” Me too!

And I haven’t even mentioned how much fun the martial side is. It is just as much work
and the results are even more amazing. As you learn to control yourself, you can then
begin to learn how to control your opponent. Not enough time to go into that now, just
trust me, it is really amazing… Come and see for yourself.

None of the above would have been/is possible without the amazing understanding of
Wu style Tai Chi Chu’an, the ability to teach and inspire that has been shared with me
by my teachers. I am in great debt to both Sifu Martin Kennedy, my first teacher and
since 1999, my husband, and to Si Kung Wu Kwong Yu, head of the Wu Family, who’s
amazing art this is. Had he not come to Toronto, where Martin became his student, and
had Martin not come to Fredericton, I have no idea where I would be. I am sure that my
life has been greatly enriched by both of these amazing men. To say “Thank you” doesn’t
even come close to the gratitude and appreciation that I feel.

Deputy Chief Instructor - Fredericton Academy, New Brunswick

July 1996- Began to practice Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan as a student of Martin Kennedy.
Sept 1997- Began to assist Sifu Kennedy in his beginners level classes at U.N.B.,
Bodylines, and O'Dell Lodge.
May 1998- Learned Wu Style Sabre Form with Si Heng Nicholas Langrick
May 1998 to present - Teaching beginners level classes at Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy
in Fredericton
2000- Taught winter session beginners level classes at UNB & STU.
April 2001 to spring 2004- Taught a series of 6 week introductory classes for seniors at
the Stepping Stone Centre.
January 2001- Learned the Wu Style International "54 Competition Round Form" with
Si Kung Wu Kwong Yu.
June 2002- Became Disciple of Sifu Eddie Wu Kwong Yu.
Summer 2002- Learned Wu Style Sword Form with Sifu Martin Kennedy
Sept 2002- Began teaching intermediate level classes as well as two set of morning
senior age classes at the Fredericton Academy.
March 2003- Began Saturday morning "Health Class" at the Fredericton Academy.
Spring 2004- Learned 14 Form Spear form with Si Heng Jonathan Krehm February
2005- Became Certified Instructor in Wu Style Tai Chi Chu’an, certified by Si Kung
Wu Kwong Yu.

Name: Mary Kennedy
City: Fredericton
Province/State: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Certification year: August 2005
Certification level: Advanced Level
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