Our Federation

Objectives of the Federation

The international Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan federation shall:

1. Encourage communications and relations between all practitioners of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

2. Provide technical information and advice to help members improve their skills and knowledge.

3. Promote the teaching of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan internationally.


Selection of

Federation Council


The affairs of the federation will be conducted by an international council. The council will set policy at meetings held from time to time. The council will be headed by an advisory board of governors.

The advisory board of governors shall comprise of the following members:

  • Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
  • Sifu Austin Wu Chung Him
  • Master Kwok Hsia Jong
  • Sifu Edward Wu Chung Wei
  • Sifu Cynthia Wu Hsia Fung



Structure and

mode of operation


It was proposed and accepted that the council be composed of members who will be elected for an initial term of three years, then re-elected by the membership, by whatever means.


It was also proposed and accepted that initially the executive committee be based in Toronto while the federation was getting established and that the executive committee will manage the day to day business of the federation and comprise the following:

  • Chairman Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
  • President  Jonathan Krehm
  • Vice-President  Cynthia Wu Hsia Fung
  • Vice-President  Saw Phaik Hwa
  • Vice- President  Austin Wu
  • Treasurer  Edward Wu
  • Secretary  Jocelyne Lachapelle
  • Vice-President  Tony Chan


Other member selected on the council:

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan USA  Genie Parker
  • Fredericton, Canada  Martin Kennedy
  • Hong Kong,  Eugene Hueng
  • Hong Kong,  Jeff Chiu
  • London, England  Gary Wragg
  • London, Archway England  Donald Spargo
  • Macau,  Mr. Wong Ching Him
  • Netherlands,  Ma Jiangbao
  • Wales,  Mark Langweiler
  • Penang, Malaysia  Lee Yow Ching
  • Shanghai,  Ma Jianglin
  • Singapore,  Saw Phaik Hwa
  • Toronto, Canada  Paul Dempsey
  • Toronto, Canada  Dave Robert
  • Vancouver, Canada  Sio Lin Vong

 It was proposed and accepted that from time to time the council shall elect members of the executive committee either to replace them or to serve in addition to the above mentioned members.