Qi - the journal of the traditional eastern health & fitness: Special feature issue: Taiji vs Whie Crane -Wu Gong Yee & Chan Hak Fu. Detailed Account on the Epic Battle in 1954 and How it beacome a Pivot Point in Chinese Culture.

The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness - Part 1

The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness - Part 2


Today Daily News: 加代表隊躍登美洲界首位 (in Chinese only)

Tai chi chuan: The Journal of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain: Traditional Tai Chi,The Way To Harmony.

Tai Chi Vol 19: - Wu style Masters on Teaching A look at Wu Style Teaching Methods.

Tai Chi Vol 20: The teaching of two Wu Style Masters and 170 Wu stylists attend Convention in Toronto.

Tai Chi & Alternative Health Issue 23: Special Featrue: Wu Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi Vol 25: Wu Yan Hsia - A leagacy Remembered

Features April 2001:  Wu Chu'an Clan

Saturday Night May 7 1993: Sport The Tao of Wu

Passion: Learning the Art of Tai Chi Chu'an:

Ming Pao Daily News, Toronto 2007: 太極拳賽選手半數非華裔

Jet Mazagine: Hong Kong Sept 2007: Interview with Eddie Wu

HKET POST C1 - 2010 <功夫傳奇>壓卷篇實戰太極以柔克剛

Wu Tai Chi Chuan

Furyu Winter 1996: Wu Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan - The Endless Journey on the Path of the Grand Ultimate

Fighthing Arts International No.69: Levels of Understanding in Wu Style Tai Chi Chu'an


HKEJ Post 2010 「沒有免費的午餐