Lam Chong Lan

The mission of the Qing Lian Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Association of Macau is: To make the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan known widely and to promote health and friendship within its members.

Sifu Lam Chong Lan was born in 1955.   From 1981, she studied Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Chan Hon Jan who was a disciple of Sifu Mac Kan Wun. Sifu Mac Kan Wun was one of Master Wu Kung Yi' disciples.

In 1993, Sifu Lam Chong Law started teaching Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan in various community centers and has been promoting the Wu Style in different communities in Macau.

In June 2001, the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Qing Lian Center was established to allow all Wu Style practitioners in Macau to get together.                                                                             




Name: Lam Chong Lan
City: Macau
Country: Macau
Status:  Non disciple Certified Instructor
Certification: May 2005
Certification level or Subject: Certified for 108 Standard Form and 54 Competition Form
Locations: Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Qing Lian Center
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