Vasileios Tsiantis

When I was a child, attending a Martial Art in my country was quite difficult. Not only due to lack of information but also due to lack of teachers. The only known Martial Art was Karate.
As a consequence at the age of fifteen, I started my training on Shotokan Karate. Unfortunately, some bad training advices and my non-limited passion for the Art had as result my injury; my passion had an unexpected and painful end. I was really disappointed then, but now I feel that it was for good.
I never quite training on my own, so 6,5 years ago, at the age of 32, an article and my always existing love for the Martial Arts leaded me to the school of my teacher Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis. Mr. Tsetselis was teaching, that time, a style of Tai Chi Chuan based on the style of the Wu Family.
I immediately understood that Tai Chi Chuan is the Martial Art that is the most suitable to me. In continuance of my training, and always with the accordant opinion of my teacher, I participated in various seminars concerning Chi Kung and Ba Gua Zhang, having always as goal to enrich my knowledge in other inner Arts and systems and obtaining a more spherical idea on the philosophy of the Chinese Martial Arts.
The great love of Mr. Tsetselis not only for our Art but also for his students, accompanied by his faith that we should contact directly the Source for our further progress, directed him to contact in 2006 the Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, Gate Keeper of the Wu Family.
After the first seminars with the representative of Grand Master Wu, sifu Chuang Shiou Huey, we realized the depth and the amplitude of the authentic Tai Chi Chuan of Wu Family.
After that and having done enormous efforts in our school, we had the great honor to meet Grand Master Wu. He appreciated our work and he accepted our school to the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.
Meeting in person Grand Master Wu was for us an unprecedented experience. His deep knowledge, his direct and meaningful speech and mostly his great paternal love about the Art and the students, made us love more our Art and continue our route with bigger fervency.

Changing our style was practicable based on our experience but not easy. With a huge amount of work and efforts, we transformed our movement, trying to reach the high standards and the demands of Wu Family.
Of course the path to the upper levels of Tai Chi Chuan is endless and our efforts for progress and perfection inside the Wu Family are endless as well.
In conclusion, I would like to express my great appreciation to my teacher Mr. Tsetselis, for all that he has done and taught to me. He opened the road through which I met the great Wu Family and the Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu.

Of course, I could not end my thoughts without expressing my appreciation to Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu. It is a great honor for me that he trusts me and made me a member of the Wu Family instructors. I undertake the obligation and assure you that with a lot of efforts and love, I will try my best to accomplish your expectations in the higher level.


Name: Vasileios Tsiantis
City: Athens
Province/State: Marousi
Country: Greece
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Status: Non disciple Certified Instructor
Certification: February 2012
Certification level or Subject: Advanced Level
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Athens
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