Dr. Mike Reddy

Dr Mike Reddy is an assistant teacher on the Tai Chi Teaching Course on Wednesday evenings.

Dr. Mike Reddy FRSA has engaged with a number of martial arts – notably Judo, Kung Fu and Kendo – but been studying Tai Chi since 1987, where he began Yang Style Chen Man–Ch'ing Short Tai Chi Form at the Village Hall Tai Chi under the teaching of Linda Chase Broda, late founder of the "Tai Chi for Health Forum" and founding member of the "Tai Chi Union for Great Britain". I helped Linda in production of teaching videos during my time in Manchester, as well as aided in organising the May Gathering in 1991.

I first came across Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan in 2012, after pursuing a few different schools and teachers when I had to move to South Wales for work. The Wu Style has impressed me with its strong Yang/Yin approach, focused on encouraging circulation and stretching of the body to aid health; especially relevant in my own case, as I now suffer from a chronic spinal condition. I settled on Dr. Mark Langweiler as my Sifu, because he had started a revolutionary Tai Chi Teaching Course in Merthyr Tydful, Wales, incorporating Tai Chi Chuan, Anatomy and Evidence-Based Practice, and was one of only two to graduate from the first delivery of that course. I am currently helping Dr. Langweiler as an Assistant Teacher for new Tai Chi Teaching Course students, as well as planning to teach Beginners Classes in the South Wales Valleys.


Name: Dr. Mike Reddy
City: Cardiff
Country:  South Wales
Contact: Email: doctormikereddy.com
Status:  Non disciple Certified Instructor
Certification: May, 2013
Certification level or Subject: Beginners Level
Schools: Merthyr College,  Merthyr Tydfil, Aberdare,  South Wales
Beginners: Wednesday 7-9pm
The classes at the College are partially paid for by the Welsh government if you live if the catchment area (better known as 'the Valleys').

FOR ANY INFORMATION ON CLASS SCHEDULES AND PLACE, PLEASE CALL SIFU LANGWEILER at  Phone 0753 248 3160 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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