Jae Willis


Jae Willis began his practice of Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Gary Wragg at Wu's Tai Chi Chuan
Academy, London in 1996.

He became an instructor at the London Academy in 1998 and a Disciple to the Wu Family in

He is a registered A Grade Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (TCUGB), and is
certified as an Advanced Instructor with the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.  

Jae trains regularly with Master Wu Kwong Yu.

In 2001 Jae moved to the West Country (UK) where he set up The Somerset Training Centre
for Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. His classes cater for all ages but Jae has become best
known for his work in teaching Tai Chi to young people.

Jae's background is in sailing, outdoor pursuits and performing arts. He has worked with young
people in all of these fields since 1992. 

In addition to his private Tai Chi classes for children, Jae also teaches in schools. 

Over the years Jae has competed in national and international competitions, winning hand and
weapons Forms as well as fixed and moving-step Pushing Hands events. In December 2010 he
competed in the European Tai Chi Championships and achieved a gold medal in the Freestyle
Pushing Hands event (under 85kg).

Jae trains locally with practitioners of other styles of Tai Chi as well as with other martial artists
including practitioners of Judo, Kick Boxing and MMA, and he has also set up an all-styles
Pushing Hands group (open to all levels) that runs monthly.

Jae teaches periodically runs Pushing Hands workshops at the Archway Academy in London.  

Clips of workshops and competitions are available to view and download from Jae’s
Youtube channel: WuStyleUK http://www.youtube.com/user/WuStyleUK.



Name: Jae Willis
City: Glastonbury
Province/State: Somerset
Country: England
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: +44 7931 437 963
Disciple of: Gary Wragg
Website URL: www.wustyle.co.uk
Disciple year: 1999
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Bethnal Green, London, England
Certification: Oct 2005
Certification Level: Advanced Level