Ho Tian Fui

When I was posted to Hong Kong in 2005, my wife, Mui Hoon asked me to "check out" Wu Style HQ. It must be fated that on my first visit, I also met sifu Eddie for the first time. He invited me to stay to watch the class. Having practiced Tae Kwan Do which have shorter forms, the 108 form seems slow but exceedingly complex. At the end of the class, I have to know what makes taichi tick. I asked sifu to show me the power. Having clarified that I have no heart problem, he gently placed his palm on my chest and at the next instance,I felt my chest compressed - panic and fear was the emotion.... the rest is history.

I took up class the following week and was fortunate to be invited to be a disciple and recently a beginner instructor. The journey has been fulfilling but at times frustrating. When you think you have "master" it, it is but only the beginning for learning the next stage. But with the help of Sifu, dedicated instructors, disciples and fellow students, we will eventually get closer to our individual goals - heath, relaxation, martial.



Name: Ho Tian Fui
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Discipleship year: 2007
Discipleship Country: Hong Kong
Disciple status: Teaching Disciple
Certification year: Dec 2014
Certification level: Beginners Level
School: Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Physical Culture Association