Katherine Ashmore


I started in April, 1998 with Sifu Michael Ashmore at Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy Detroit and have been studying since then.  I became a disciple of Sifu Ashmore in 2005 and have been very fortunate to have attended many seminars and to have been part of the group to visit China in 2002 with Sikung Eddie Wu Kwong-yu. I am currently an advanced level instructor at the new Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Detroit location, receiving instruction regularly from Sifu Ashmore and Sikung Wu.



Name: Katherine Ashmore
City: Troy
Province/State: Michigan
Country: USA
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website URL: www.wustyledetroit.com
Disciple of: Michael Ashmore
Status: Teaching Disciple
Certification Date: Oct 01, 2016
Certified by: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Certification level: Advanced
Certification School: Ferndale, Michigan