Dovie Elisabeth Telesco

Dovie Telesco began her love for martial arts in 2006. She started with Tai Kwon Do. She became an Assistant Instructor and enjoyed teaching, however she knew there was something missing. Just a few belts away from her Black Belt in Tai Kwon Do, she switched to a form of Mixed Martial Arts. This incorporated many disciplines including some meditations. She earned her second degree black belt and continued to teach. When her Sensei moved out of state and the studio closed, Dovie looked for something new. She was introduced to Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan at the YMCA. She knew that this is what she was looking for. She enjoys the internal aspects of the art as well as the health benefits.   



Name: Dovie E. Telesco
City: Escondido
Province/State: California
Country: USA
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Status: Non disciple certified instructor
Certification Date: February 2016
Certification Subject:  108 Standard Form
School: YMCA Palomar Branch in Escondido 1050 N Broadway, Escondido 92026, California