Henry Chung

Henry Chung was born in Hong Kong. He began training Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu at the age of four in his father’s kung fu school. In 1979, he moved to NS, Canada to study psychology at the university. During his years as an undergraduate, his father authorized him to begin teaching Mantis Kung Fu and officially recognized Henry as a Seven Star Sifu. He moved to Vermont for graduate school and continued teaching kung fu. Following earning his MA in Clinical Psychology, he moved to Midland, Michigan and began practice as a clinical psychologist. He also continued teaching Mantis kung fu. In 1989, he incorporated Chung’s School of Praying Mantis Kung Fu. After renting in various buildings he purchased a building in 2000 to be the permanent home for his school.


Henry first learned Tai Chi at the age of 15 in Hong Kong from his father Chung Ho Yin, who studied Wu style in the late 1950’s. Henry was very focused on Mantis Kung Fu, but his father believed external martial artists needed to balance with internal practice to ensure their continued health and consequently insisted both Henry and his brother learn tai chi. After moving to North America, Henry continued to practice what he had learned, but did not receive additional instruction to improve his skill.


In 2007, Henry was honored to receive an invitation from Sifu Genie Parker to attend a seminar with Grandmaster Eddie Wu. Henry saw the need to continue his study of Wu style under the current Wu Style masters to improve his own understanding and execution of Wu Style. Henry began attending each seminar with Grandmaster Wu, as well as taking private lessons with Grandmaster Wu’s disciple, Sifu Genie Parker of Ann Arbor, MI.


Henry has had a tai chi program in his Kung Fu school for many years. After updating and improving his skill, he has been honored by Sifu Parker and Grandmaster Wu to continue officially teaching as an International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation Learning Centre.


Name: Henry Chung
City: Midland
Province/State: Michigan
Country: USA
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Status: Non disciple certified instructor
Certification Date: October 16, 2016
Certified by: Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Certification Level:  Intermediate
School where certified: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Ann Arbor
Teaching location: Chung's School of Chinese Martial Arts, 620 Cambridge, Midland, Mi