Jan van der Lee

I started learning Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1999 from Sifu John Marchewitz in Rochester, Michigan. After about 3 years, when one of Sifu’s assistant teachers had to stop teaching, Sifu threw me into the deep end and told me to teach beginners, starting the slow and sometimes painful process of turning me into an assistant instructor.

In 2005 Sifu Marchewitz, took me on as a disciple. Over the years I have learned and helped teach the hand form, sabre form, sword form, spear form and several types of push hands, meditations and chi kung exercises.

I have had the privilege of being taught by Sikung Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, Sifu Stephen Britt, Sifu John Marchewitz, Sifu Michael Ashmore and my brother and sister disciples.

I feel it is a privilege that Sifu and the students allow me to lead the class, with the help of my fellow assistant instructors, when Sifu can’t be there.


Name: Jan van der Lee
City: Rochester
Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Province/State: Michigan
Country: USA
Disciple of: Sifu John Marchewitz
Status: Teaching Disciple
Certification Date:  March 25, 2017
Certified by: Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Certification level: Beginners Level
Certification School:  Wu Style Tai Chi Institute, Detroit
Teaching location:  Rochester Community House, Rochester, Michigan