Sunny Chan Chi Wai

Realizing Tai Chi Chuan is a valuable traditional martial art, I started searching for a good teacher. I was lucky enough to find Wu Style Headquarter and was amazed by its systematic training method. I decided that it was the right path to follow. 

Thanks to Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu, Vice Chairman Wu Hsia Fung and Si hings's patient guidance, my interest grew rapidly. Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan practice results in physical fitness and mental well-being.
In each lesson, Sifu’s demonstration and his theory always broaden our view. I know that Wu style Tai Chi Chuan is a complete martial art system, we must strive constantly in order to improve.

In 2013, I was much honored to become Sifu’s disciple in Hong Kong.


 自小對武術有濃厚興趣,當我認識到太極拳是一種極有內涵的傳統武術,便到處 尋找名師學習。 經過一段時間,幸運地我找到了吳家太極拳總社,認識到其仔細和系統化的教學 方式,於是便開始了跟隨吳家太極拳學習之路。 感謝吳光宇宗師,吳小鳳師姑姐及師兄們的耐心指導,令我對太極拳的學習興趣 迅速增長,身心得到莫大的裨益。 每一課堂,師傅的示範和他的理論總是擴闊了我們的技術水平和思維,我同時明 白到吳家太極拳是一套完整的武術體系,包羅廣博,需要不斷努力鍛鍊,從而提 高技術和理論層面, 才可以更進一步。 更感榮幸的是承蒙吳光宇宗師不棄,於二零一三年納為等弟子。


Name:   Sunny Chan Chi Wai 陳之威
City: Kowloon
Country: Hong Kong
Disciple of: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Status: Teaching Disciple
Certification Date: February 2, 2019
Certified by: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Certification level: Advanced Level
Certification School: Wu's Tai Chi Academy, Hong Kong