Patrick Stanley

I currently work for a small firm in Saint John, New Brunswick making custom orthopeadic footwear and insoles Prior to that I was a glass blower for 20 years and through it all raise three kids with my wife Helen. I started tai chi with Sifu Kennedy 4 years ago at the invitation of a friend who was going. I though it would be fun, a bit of a lark. I had no idea of what was to come and how much it would become part of my life. I have been working on the 108 standard and 54 round forms as well as sword, saber and spear. I am currently trying to learn something of the martial side of tai chi.

Name: Patrick Stanley
City: Seeleys Cove
Province: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
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Disciple of: Martin Kennedy
Discipleship year: 2006
Disciple Status: Teaching Disciple
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Fredericton
Profession: Pedorthic Technician, C Ped