Mui Sau Ching, Charlton 梅守正


It's only a short few years after I've picked up taichi chuan and I see a significant improvement in my health. I'm very lucky to be the most junior disciple of Sifu Tony Chan Cheong Lap and I do enjoy practising every Sunday in Ho Fung College. Sifu and all the seniors are very nice people to learn from and play with. It is a big lovely family and I'm excited that I've found my life-long 'exercise' to pursue with.

Name: Charlton Mui Sau Ching 梅守正
City: Happy Valley
Province: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
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Disciple of: Tony Chan Cheong Lap 陳昌
Discipleship year: 2000
School: Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (Tony Chan) Learning Center
Profession: Financial Planner