Lam Long Chau

I joined the Academy in January 2009, the time when I happened to learn that Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu had returned to Hong Kong and inaugurated as the Head of the Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy. Having started with the beginner's 108 Standard Forms and practised the orthodox basics for the past two and a half years, I find that the greatest benefit to me is, besides the physical improvements, the calm and serenity of my mind. Together with other learners, I am now being gradually led to the ambit of martial art and meditation and all these have broadened my horizons!

I believe that it is such fortune for me to join the Academy again as I once learnt the Wu-sytle Tai Chi Chuan at the Headquarters of the Academy for a year in the 1980's.

In July 2011, I was much honored to become a disciple of Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu in Hong Kong.

經過2年半的時間由鍛鍊108式關節拳開始加上正統的基本訓練後,我發現鍛鍊太極拳帶來最大的益處,除了改善了我的體質外,更能使我內心寧靜和平和。  連同其他學員一起,我現在漸漸被引領進入武術和默想的領域,這一切都使我眼界大開。



Name: Lam Long Chau 林朗秋
City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Disciple of: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Discipleship year: 2011
Disciple Status: Teaching Disciple
School: Wu's Tai Chi Academy, Hong Kong