Dr. Chan Siew Moon Ann

I was truly fortunate to have met Ms Saw Phaik Hwa at a lunch 3 years ago when I learnt that it was possible to learn the original Wu Jia tai chi in Singapore. I have been a student for 3 years, and last December 06, have been most fortunate and honored to be accepted as a disciple of Grand Master Eddie Wu.

In the past three years, the weekly revelation of the effectiveness of tai chi and how it directly benefits our health had been enlightening. This art form looks deceptively easy, yet is truly difficult to master. One does require discipline, patience and time. I know it will be a life-long journey of learning.

My wish is for more and more people to be introduced to this amazing martial art at a younger age, and to have their own first hand experience of tai chi. Its practice equips us to be both physically and mentally fit. It prevents ill health, and also benefits those who already have health ailments. Tai chi is also an exercise that we can practice life-long.

I wish to thank the dedicated instructors at the Singapore school, Ms Saw, Mr. Goon, Mr. Low, Mr. Wong and Mr. Ang, who have all taught me and inspired me to persist, and who have shared their expertise so willingly and freely.

Dr Ann Chan

Name: Dr. Chan Siew Moon Ann
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Disciple of: Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu
Disciple year: 2003
School: Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Physical Culture Association
Profession: Doctor