Patricia Leong Ngit Hoong

Patricia N.H. Leong, chief instructor of the Hawaii Academy since 1976 is also an affiliate member of the graduate faculty of the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she teaches Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

She is the senior disciple of 4th generation Master Wu Yan Hsia. She has trained in Hong Kong under Master Wu Yan Hsia, late Master Wu Tai Kwei and Master Wu Tai Sin.

Lao Shih Leong has an extensive background in dance as well as the martial arts. She trained with Martha Graham and has taught modern dance at Hofstra College in New York and in Hong Kong at the American School, New Asia College, Hong Kong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was Dance Commissioner for the Mayor's Commissioner for the Mayor's Council on Culture and the Arts for the City and County of Honolulu.

In 1991 she was invited by the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to teach an experimental class of Tai Chi Chuan for actors and dancers. She developed the experimental class into a full training program in Tai Chi Chuan. Now for the first time Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is being offered at a major university as part of the core degree requirement in the Department of Theatre and Dance as well as Asian Studies.

Lao Shih Leong currently serves on the Executive Committee of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and has lectured, taught and performed throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Unfortunately, the Hawaii Academy was destroyed by a fire and is permanently closed.

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Name: Patricia Leong Ngit Hoong 梁月紅
City: Honolulu
Province: Hawaii
Country: USA
School: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Hawaii  - Permanently Closed due to fire
Disciple of: Master Wu Yan Hsia
Discipleship year: 1978