75th HK Academy Gala Dinner

Hong Kong75th Anniversary Gala Dinner: On May 20th, a gala dinner was held to celebrate the event presided over by Grandmaster Eddie Wu, 5th Generation of the Wu Family and Gatekeeper of the Wu StyleTai Chi Chuan.   During the evening several demonstrations were given by members of Academies around the world:  Group forms, Saber, Sword, Speer, Push Hands, Martial techniques, and a sitting form.  

Four disciples of Grandmaster Wu Kung Yi of the 4th Generation of Wu Style were present at this event and participated in some of the demonstrations.

After the Banquet, all members spent a day touring Macau and visiting Grandmaster Wu Kung Yi's grave (Fourth Generation Master) to pay their respects.  The group flew over to Singapore to celebrate Founder's Day and attend the Wu Style competitions.