Discipleship ceremony at Toronto Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy

Discipleship is a long standing tradition in the martial arts world.  Upon being accepted as a disciple, he or she is committed to Sifu and to Wu style Tai Chi Chuan.  This relationship is very special, and one does not enter into discipleship lightly.

On September 6, 2014 and September 13, 2014.  Sifu accepted a total of 7 new disciples at the Toronto Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy. It was a formal event. Many senior disciples attended and witnessed the ceremony.

The new disciples are:  Bernadette Chan from Australia, Doug Woollidge from Ottawa Canada, Maria Choy from Thornhill Ontario Canada, Jorge Lopez from Florida,USA, Deborah Townsend from Toronto Canada, Patrick Kuo from Markham Ontario Canada, Markus Tanzer from Austria.