Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Physical Culture Association

60th Anniversary and Zhang San Feng Founders Day celebration and 3rd International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Competition

Supported by : International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation (

Dear Federation members,

On behalf of Grandmaster Eddie Wu, Chairman, International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and our Association, we would like to welcome you to our 60th Anniversary celebration and competition. The celebrations will be held in Singapore from 26th May to 30th May 2017. The schedule is as follows :

26th May    

Arrival of teams

27th May

9.00 am Registration and Weigh-in (@Singapore Power Club)
6.30 pm Competition adjourns

28th May

9.00 am Weapons Form continues and Push Hand Competition begins
4.00 pm Competition ends
7.00 pm  Founders Day Celebration Dinner

29th May

2.00 pm Visit to Association (@28C Hong Kong Street, Singapore)
3.00 pm Free and Easy

(For those who are booking the Singapore Visit Package for USD500 please refer to the attachment for details on transport, tour and meals)

Competition Categories :

Form Competition.

3.5 Minutes Maximum for each Form

  1. 108 Step Joints Fist Form (Square Form) - a section of 108 form
  2. 54 Step Round Fist Form
  3. 54 Step Group Fist Form (3 Pax per group)
  4. Sword Weapon
  5. Sabre Weapon
  6. Spear Form Weapon (Choice of 24 Form or 13 Form)
  7. Twin Sword Weapon

     Fixed Step Push Hands Competition 8 classes :

  1. Mens Under 160lbs (72.7kg)
  2. Mens 160lbs and over
  3. Mens Age 50 and over and under 160 lbs
  4. Mens Age 50 and over and 160lbs and over
  5. Women Under 130lbs (59.1kg)
  6. Women 130lbs and over
  7. Women Age 50 and over and under 130lbs
  8. Women Age 50 and over and 130lbs and over

    Moving Step Push Hands Competition 4 classes :

  1. Mens Under 160lbs (72.7kg)
  2. Mens 160lbs and over
  3. Women Under 130lbs (59.1kg)
  4. Women 130lbs and over

Note :

  1. Competition Fee is USD100 for unlimited events
  2. Age calculated as at 1st January 2017.
  3. Weigh in for push hands with minimum clothing of t-shirt and shorts
  4. For 108 Step Form, competitor decides which section to perform.
  5. Prizes will be given out to competitors in an estimated proportion of 10% Gold, 20% Silver and 20% Bronze per category at the final discretion of the judges.
  6. Cash Prizes sponsored by Mr Eugene Heung of Hong Kong. The prize money for the categories will be calculated and announced after close of entries.
  7. There will be an overall Champion for Men and an overall champion for Womens. Winner will have the score calculated from the performance of each of the categories, of Push Hands, Fist Forms and Weapon Forms (Must have participated in all 3 categories). (Judges reserve the right not to award a winner)
  8. Forms for competition should be based on the Form videos produced by International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.
  9. The above is subject to changes by the Management Committee of the Association and decisions by Judges at the competition shall be final.
  10. Applications may be rejected at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  11. Winners may be invited to perform at the Anniversary Dinner
  12. Rules for the competition will be emailed out before the commencement of the competition.
  13. All applications for competition should be through our application form completed and submitted with payment by 1st Feb 2017

Yours Sincerely

Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Physical Culture Association

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     2nd Jan 2017