Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Learning Center Limassol

Location Type: Non Disciple Certified Training Centre
Chief Instructor: Georgia Kontaki
Photo of Chief Instructor : 

Location: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Learning Center Limassol

Address :  241 Agias Phylaxeoa Street

City: Limassol

Country: Cyprus

Contact: Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: CY +357 99270209 & GR +30 6977232127

Certified Level: Beginner Level

Website: www.taichichuan-cy.com



Chief Instructor's Bio:


 My first encounter with martial arts was in 1982 at the age of eight. My uncle, a second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, was my childhood hero. I would spend endless hours watching him and practising with him in our back yard.

After he had instilled his passion for martial arts in me, I found myself wanting to take it further so I started looking for a school where I could train professionally. Unfortunately, there was nothing of this sort in the area, I was growing up in, and so my dream gradually began to fade away.

In 1986 I got into the more team--spirited sport of volleyball. My then trainer saw my potential and I got drafted for the Panathinaikos Youth team.

I spend the rest of my teenage years playing basketball at a local team. Graduating from high school in 1992 also marked the end of sport for me – making martial arts a distant dream.

I went on to study journalism – an industry I remained in for 20 years – working in press, radio, and state and private television.

As part of my work, in 2006 I was sent to cover a story at the Wing Chun Kung Fu School of Mr. Michalis Papantonakis. This marked my return to the martial arts. I trained at the school for three consecutive years.

Through a friend I was then introduced to Ninjitsu and took it up for two years.

During this time, I was also studying at the Studio One School (a sports fitness school) where I became certified in the following: Group Exercise Leader (Cardio Trainer – Basic Advance), Group Resistance Trainer, Instructor Bosu (Level 1), and Instructor Aqua Fitness (Level 1).

For the past five years I live and work in Cyprus. I am co-founder of the Centre of Alternative Therapy ‘Reiki in Your Heart; based in Limassol. Amongst others I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, and Intuition & Channelling Teacher.

As the years passed, my passion for martial arts never died and always pushed me to explore further. I never stopped looking to find that something that would truly win over my heart and mind. I found that something in the special and unique art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Eager to enrich my knowledge in this art after Mr. Papantonakis' reccomendation I reached out to Mr Dionisis Tsetselis, Head Instructor of the Hellenic Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy.

These past two years I have been training by the side of Mr. Tsetselis. His professionalism, passion, depth of knowledge, transmissiveness and how he embraces his pupils have all made this experience a truly unique one.

My Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan journey involves monthly visits to the Academy for lessons, as well as private lessons with my Teacher at the Athens Olympic Centre.

I would like to thank my Teacher for placing his trust in me, but more importantly for his patience and time. He has not only taught me about the basic principles of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan– he has also made me believe that nothing is impossible!

I feel grateful to the Wu Family and Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu personally, who keep alive this very important and profound art nowadays, for the benefit of everyone interested.

My dream is to teach the Wu Style as accurately I can. I want as many people as possible to learn and love the unique martial art of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, as well as understand the health and personal benefits that come with practising it.

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