Oceanside: South Home Street

Location Type: Non disciple Certified Center
Chief Instructor: John Michael Nagorski
Photo of Chief Instructor : 

Location: Oceanside

Address :  1931 South Home Street

City: Oceanside

State: California

Country: USA

Contact: Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail: 1931 South Horne Street, Oceanside, CA 92054

Instructors: John Michael Nagorski

Certified Forms : Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan  108 Standard Form

Chief Instructor's Bio:

John M. Nagorski is certified to teach the Standard 108 Form by the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation. John has been seriously involved with Wu Style ever since he met Sifu Eddie Wu in 2011.

Previous to that John studied H’sing I Ch’uan and Pa Kua Chang from the T’ang Shao Tao Association of Taipei, Taiwan under Michael Patterson and Hsu Hong Chi, from 1979-1986. He participated in Kuo Shu style full contact tournaments, both here in the United States (Loa Angeles, 1981: Runner up, HvyWt. Div.; Yuma, 1983: Champion, HvyWt. Div.) and Taipei, Taiwan (1982: Runner Up, HvyWt. Div.). John achieved Teacher/Instructor status in this art, which also provided training in Nei Kung/Shih Shui Kung, Iron Palm, Chi Kung, Tui Na, Herbal Medicine and bruise/trauma treatments.

Subsequently, he also studied from James McNeil, starting in 1988. He spent his time studying Chen T’ai Chi Ch’uan from Pan Wing Chow, Ma Wei Chi (“Coal” Ma)Pa Kua Chang, and advanced Shih Shui Kung (Xi Sui Gong, aka: Bone Marrow Washing).

John is married to his wife, Rebecca. He also has 3 adult children: Erik, Rachel and Aaron.

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