Written by Master Wu Kung Cho .

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (Gold Book): Chinese Edition


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Written by Master Wu Kung Cho . Known familiarly as "The Gold Book", this book was first published in 1935 . A second expanded edition was published in 1980 by Master Wu Kung Cho after he was freed from 24 years of incarceration and joined his family in Hong Kong after the fall of the "Gang of Four". The 1980 second edition contained the first complete publication in Chinese of the historical document "Methods of Tai Chi Chuan explained". This document is the teachings that Master Yang Ban Hou gave to Master Wu Chuan Yau over a hundred and twenty years ago. Master Wu Kung Cho's book presents the core of common teachings of the Wu and Yang families. His text includes a unique and illuminating approach to understanding the Eight Elements.  (Postage included).

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